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3 Great Benefits of 3 Month Payday Loans

3 month payday loans present you with 3 extra benefits that you don't get from traditional payday loans. The first advantage is you don't have the deadline of next payday to payoff. On the contrary, you get one short term loan over 3 month period to pay back in monthly installments. The second is the lower rates. That is the reason such debts are equated with low payment loans. Payday loans have rollover option, but you have to pay extra for that. But, with such small monthly payment loans, you don't have to pay anything in that term period. Besides, you get instant cash online from direct lenders up to $1,000 without any collateral. Since you spend a fraction of the principal monthly for loan repayment, you get to save, and boost your credit even during the debt period- the 3rd benefit.

3 Month Payday Loans

Bad Credit Loans with Monthly Payments from Direct Lender: How It Works

InstantApprovedLoans, as a direct lender, keeps the borrowing process simple – even though our new product has much more to offer than usual small loans. For a payday loan with monthly payments, you simply go to our application page on a mobile, tablet or PC and fill out the form with basic information which hardly takes 3 minutes. On receiving the application, we verify the details and approve it instantly. Rejection is very rare with us. Remember that we don't perform a credit check, so bad credits are welcome. Once approved, you get the bad credit loan with monthly payments the same day in your checking account. You can then return the amount in a relaxed and peaceful month to month loan pay off manner over 3 (even 6 and 12) months.

3,6,12 Month Loans with No Credit Check: Because Flexibility Has No Limits

We just mentioned that you can take out a 12 month loan with no credit check from us. Apart from this, and the 3 month loan you also have an option of a 6 month term loan for bad credit. However, to start with, you can apply for 3 month payday loans with no credit check. If you use our service regularly, then you'd become a VIP member and then only you can grab the 6 month and 12 month loans. Nonetheless, you still have the opportunity to score short term personal loans with bad credit that you can pay back monthly over 3 months as a new borrower. For all these funding and unmatched flexibility, we don't have any condition on spending- so you are free to use them any way you prefer.

Have You Got Everything for Online Loans That You Can Pay Back Monthly

Being one of the liberal lenders –apart from being a trusted financing company- InstantApprovedLoans has set an eligibility criterion that is easy to qualify for fast online bad credit loans with monthly payments from direct lenders with no credit check. To avail a 3 month payday loan that you can pay back monthly, you need to-

  • Be aged 18 or more
  • Have an SSN number
  • Possess a functioning checking account
  • Provide us a valid phone number and email ID
  • Have a stable and regular income

Then what are you waiting for? Apply for a guaranteed personal loan to avail easy and fast cash and pay back like the monthly installment loans over 3 months.

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