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Flex Loans online: What Is So Special About Them?

If you are familiar with short term small dollar financing, you must be knowing about payday loans- these are popular emergency loans need to be paid back by the next payday. Apart from that, installment loans are also preferred by many people which provide a longer term. Flex loans online, on the other hand, are the hybrid of both types of funding. They are available from lenders like InstantApprovedLoans instantly and can be paid back either as a payday advance (in one payment on or before the coming payday) or as a flex pay installment loan (in multiple scheduled payments over 180 days)- according to the convenience of the borrowers. One can avail any amount between $200 and $1,000 on approval of a flex pay loan.

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Flex Loans with No Credit Check: Funding Is Assured for Everyone!

InstantApprvedLoans has not only made things simple and fast by providing flex loans with no credit check but also has opened possibilities for people with no credit history and not so perfect credit scores. It is practical because we hate paperwork as much as you do. Apart from that, a good credit score does not prove your present repayment ability. It is only assured by a stable income. And that is what we check before approving flex loans online. This also makes our online application faster (around 3 min), hassle-free and makes an instant decision possible. If your application is approved, you get funded the same day! Neither you have to stand in line and wait, nor any faxing or tele tracking is going to give you any stress. This is why flexpay financing has become a trend in the lending industry!

Flex Loans for Bad Credit: Get a Credit Boost

Flex loans for bad credit not only guarantee instant cash but also boost the credit status. The reason why people are moving toward flex credit loans from payday loans is the flexibility while repaying –especially the extensive term— keeps the credit status from getting worse. A normal cash advance, on the other hand, gives a very short term to pay off the loan- failing which gets one to face a penalty. This impacts negatively on the credit rating of the debtor. While borrowing a flex cash payday loan the borrower neutralizes this risk, and gets a chance to improve his/her credit status by making small and multiple repayments. Simultaneously, it helps the borrower keep mental stability by making sure that he/she is not compromising with other expenditures to get debt free. This is a very humane and considerate way of lending money.

Applying for Flex Loans Online? Check the List Below

Availing a flex loan online from InstantApprovedLoans is easy- only if you qualify. Don’t worry! We have one of the least demanding eligibility criteria to qualify for a flexible short term loan. All you need to have is-

  • Social Security Number

  • Valid contact details- phone and Email

  • Functioning checking account

  • Age proof certifying you are at least 18

  • Income proof

Whatever need you may have, no matter when. You are a simple application away from cash up to $1,000. Apply now to secure flex loans, and enjoy the relaxed repayment term.

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