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Borrow Short Term Installment Loans Even for Bad Credit

The key feature of short term installment loans is that these can be repaid back in installments, unlike payday loans that have to be repaid on the next payday only. Such loans come with another special feature i.e., no credit check. For this reason, short term installment loans are for bad credit holders also. For example, if you have a low credit score you will receive the loan with the same benefits as someone who holds a good credit score. We at Instant Approved Loans do not discriminate between the borrowers on the basis of their credit scores. As borrowers’ credit scores are not taken into consideration while granting these loans we consider their income statements in order to know their ability to pay back the loan.

Short Term Installment Loans

Avail Short Term Installment Loans Online from Direct Lenders easily

You should avail short term installment loans online from direct lenders only as a lot of third-party lenders don’t disclose all their fees and charges and at end up charging much more than the market rate. That is why being a direct lender; we have made the complete process transparent for you. Such loans are very quick and easy to apply for, with an online application form that can be filled in less than 3 minutes. And as soon as you apply for the loan, you get instant approval from us. Apart from that you also get the loan amount credited into your bank account within a day’s time.

Qualifications to Apply for Short Term Cash Loans

While making the entire process of borrowing Short Term Cash Loans so easy, we require some minimum documentation from your end. You are required to send across the below mentioned documents while filling up the form online: –

  • You must provide an income proof.

  • You should have a Social Security Number.

  • You must have a checking bank account number and provide details of the same.

  • You must provide a residential address and contact details.

  • You must hold a US citizenship or should be a resident of the USA.

Therefore, if you are in a financial emergency and need instant money, apply to our short term installment loans and get funded instantly!

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