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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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1. Is this a "payday" loan?
Yes, any loan of ours that does not specifically mention “short term loan”, is a payday loan and you would need to pay back in full on your next pay date. However, we would entertain rolling over the loan to some period for your convenience on special request.

2. What is the lending procedure?
Our process is simple and easy. You fill in the application form, we review it ASAP and give you the decision within 24 hours following which a loan amount of up to $1000 will be deposited directly into your account.

3. What's the catch with your funds?
We provide legitimate loans that have competitive market rates with instant and guaranteed approval. The catch is that since all kind of credit score holders can qualify our loans be it bad, good or with no credit score at all, it is a higher risk loan which attracts higher interest rates than bank loans.

4. In how much time will I receive my funds?
We release your funds as quickly as possible, typically within a day. Our services are open 24x7 which means that you can apply with us even on weekends.

5. Do I need to fax you papers or be physically present anywhere specific for the loan?
You need not do any of these. We provide loans that are completely faxless with online approval. You won't receive any teletracking as well.

6. What happens if I pay my loan early?
You save money! We never charge any prepayment penalties, so paying your loan off early is a great way for you to save money on interest. For this reason, we encourage you to pay off your loan as quickly as possible.

7. I want to pay my loan off today, why can't you do same day payments through ACH?
For any ACH payments, you will have to you will have to initiate the process 2 days prior, however, if your debit account/card is validated with us, we can do it immediately.

8. Why do I owe more than I borrowed?
In every financial product that falls under the category of a credit line, the principal amount is calculated with the interest to be paid.

9. Will taking this loan affect my credit score?
We do not report loan transactions to Transunion, Equifax or Experian, so this loan will not harm your credit score. However, we share default information with alternative reporting agencies, which can impact credit score.

10. When can I apply for a new loan?
Once you repay your current loan, you may reapply for a new loan on the next day.

11. What would I do if I am unable to pay on time?
We do have multiple options to assist with payment hardships depending on your payment history. Whenever you face such situation, we will surely make a way out. You can roll over the loan with a finance charge that is $30 per $100 borrowed and APR (Annual Percentage Rate) that ranges from 365% to 1,564%, depending on the terms of the extension.

12. I haven't paid my loan off yet but I'm in need of additional funds. Can I take out a 2nd loan with you?
Unfortunately, we do not currently offer this facility. For the second loan, you will have to pay the existing loan first.

13. How do I change my bank information?
If you ever need to change your existing bank account details then, let us know and we will guide you through the process.

14. How would I get to know the terms and conditions of the loan?
After you apply for a loan, you will receive our offer and the loan agreement which will have a detailed description of the terms and conditions of the loan.

15. What are the requirements for availing these instant payday loans?
Following are the eligibility requirement:

  • Employed for the past three months
  • Active checking account for the past three months
  • Earning a monthly income of at least $1,000
  • You must not currently be a debtor in a bankruptcy case or presently intend to file for bankruptcy relief voluntarily

16. What loan amount do you approve?
The loan amount is determined based on your current monthly income. Although we offer advance payday loans of up to $1000, you can qualify for $500, as a first-time borrower.

17. What is APR? I have heard that payday loans charge a very high APR. Is that true?
The annual interest rate on the loan is known as APR. Our payday loans have APR rates competitive to the market. If you plan and payoff responsibly, these loans will never seem expensive to you as the term of the loan is short.

18. In what ways can I use the emergency loans?
You can pay for emergency expenses such as medical bills, car repairs, and home renovations and for recurrent expenses such as rent, mortgage, utility bills, groceries, etc. In short, these small loans are a great source of funding in times of temporary financial crisis.

19. Are there any obligations regarding the usage of these loans?
No, you can use these loans however and wherever you like.

20. How safe is my information with you?
We are a direct lender with no third party intervention, so the information you share will never be provided to others. Furthermore, our transactions are processed over a secure SSL server that uses industry-standard encryption technology.

21. How much fine would you charge in case of Non-sufficient funds (NSF)?
We charge $20 as NSF fee.

22. How are your instant payday loans better than those from storefront lenders or banks?
Banks never give payday loans, however, there are some storefront lenders who give you such loans as well. But with us, you can apply from the comfort of your home at any time you find suitable. Moreover, online loan lenders have a strong online presence and it is easier for borrowers to find past customer feedback and reviews to know which lender is legitimate.

23. I work in the US Armed Forces. Will I be eligible for a loan from you?
We salute your services for the country, but at present, we do not have policies to provide a loan to personnel working in the US Armed Forces.

24. Is it possible to cancel the request for the online payday loan?
Yes, you can do so. However, if you do not intend to keep the approved loan, kindly submit it back by the end of next business day. No charges or fees will be deducted from you if you resubmit in stipulated time.

25. What is the average cost of the cash advance loans you offer?
We charge a fee of $30 for a borrowed amount of $100 while the APR with is between 365.00% and 1564.28%. However, these can vary/be limited by your state laws too.

If you have any question that you could not find an answer here and you seek clarification, kindly let us know. We would be glad to answer every query of yours.

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