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High Risk Loans with Zero Risk and Zero Application Fee!

As contradictory as it may sound, extremely high risk loans direct lenders like Instant Approved Loans come with zero risks and zero application fee. Wondering how is it possible? As a direct personal loan lender we fund up to $1,000 to people without any collateral, and that way we take a high risk. On the other hand, as a borrower, you do not have to pledge any asset to avail cash from us for any kind of financial issue- be it for your vehicle repair or payment towards outstanding bills. This is the same for people with bad credit scores as well! Similarly, you can apply for a zero risk payday loan online without paying any fee, and still get funded (if you qualify) the same day.

High Risk Loans

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As a trusted and highly preferred financing company, we make sure that our customers get funded as soon as possible. And more importantly, we ensure that they know immediately after application that they are surely going to get the loan. That is why, upon submission of the application (which takes 3 minutes), we verify the authenticity of the information and move towards lending you a high risk personal loan - in a bid to remain a highly reliable direct lender, we guarantee approval if everything is in order! Since there is no paperwork or faxing involved, once approved, you get the direct deposit of the requested amount in your checking account on the same day! As stand-alone legitimate high risk lenders, we are also in a position to make the repayment of your loan highly flexible when required. Without any extra charges, or risking your credit rating, you can repay the loan in multiple installments over 3 months instead of the next payday - if you so wish it to be.

High Risk Loans with Guaranteed Approval for Bad Credit, Poor Credit and No Credit

So how do we manage to serve loans to people who do not have a healthy credit history? The simple answer is that we provide very short term loans which do not exactly need your credit history as a prime indicator of repayment ability. Having an excellent credit in no way guarantees repayment- if the borrower is presently not having a stable income. Similarly, if a borrower has a regular income, it is a fair sign of the ability to repay such a loan, irrespective of the bad credit score. In the end, we are a high risk payday lender and we lend money to people without judgment and partiality - bad, poor or no credit score isn't a resistance factor for us. Further, once you become a regular customer, we provide you extra benefits - you' be availing higher amounts cash and lower APR rates!

Do You Qualify for Guaranteed Loans for High Risk Borrowers?

Lending money to anyone is risky, but those who have been rejected by other lenders are regarded as high risk borrowers. We at Instant Approved Loans provide second chance loans by having a process in place to serve without credit checks. These are all the requirements that you need to have in order to apply for a loan from us:

  • A Social Security Number

  • Proof of age - must be 18 years or above

  • Valid Phone number and email ID

  • A functioning checking account

  • Proof of stable income

As you apply for our high risk online loans for bad credit, you shall benefit with a guaranteed approval from us as your direct lenders. You could secure your finance with us and we also welcome you to tell your friends where to borrow a high risk personal loans fast!

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