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Get a Loans over Phone: You Are a Call Away from Cash!

Either you call our number, or let us call you after completing the initial application process, you can request a loan by phone up to $1,000 in less than a minute! Applying for a phone loan is the fastest way to cash, and far more convenient when compared to lining up outside a traditional lender’s office or applying to a third-party lender who takes ages to find you a financing company that suits its profit agenda. As a highly trusted direct lender among our customers, InstantApprovedLoans gives you the freedom from paperwork, teletrack, faxing, endless waiting and a traditional hard credit check with its payday loans by phone. Therefore, if you need extra cash to repair your car, travel somewhere unexpectedly or just buy a nice gift for someone, remember that you are just a call away from availing it!

Payday Loans-over The Phone

Instant Payday Loans Over the Phone No Credit Check: How it Works?

It is extremely easy and fast to apply for a instant payday loan over the phone at InstantApprovedLoans. You can do that either by calling us directly from your phone or request a call by submitting a simple application form; you can find our number on our website. Sometimes, if you are calling us, you have to be a little patient because thousands of our borrowers call us every second for payday loans by phone 24/7. Otherwise, you can choose the more convenient option of filling a simple application form online which hardly takes 2 minutes to complete. Once the submission is done, our team will call you shortly to confirm your details and requirement, and give you an instant approval! Once approved, you will receive a direct deposit of the requested amount in your checking account the same day- often immediately.

Get a Loan Over the Phone with No Credit Check

Have you been getting rejected by lenders because of a bad credit? Or having no credit history has become a hurdle on your way to getting funded? Credit scores are the wrong reasons why thousands of borrowers do not get even short-term loans. In fair lending practice, what should matter is borrowers’ present ability to repay the debt rather than their past credit status. We are a direct lender that believes in fair lending, and that is why we fund people with every kind of credit scores. Making that very clear, we offer payda loan over the phone with no credit check. So forget about credit score, and apply for an instant loans over the phone if you have a stable and regular income to pay off. Your income does not need to be very high if you choose to repay the loan over 3 months with multiple small installments.

Applying for a Loan Over the Phone with a Bad Credit?

Are you ready to call our number to apply for a loan over the phone with a bad credit? Hold on a second. You should make sure that you qualify first. Don’t get discouraged, it is very easy to be eligible for personal loans over the 24/7 phone from InstantApprovedLoans. You must have-

  • A Social Security Lender

  • Age proof certifying you 18 or more

  • A checking account

  • Income proof

  • Phone and Email ID

If you have got all these requirements right, your instant payday loan over the phone is just a call away. Apply for a cash any time, and get a guaranteed approval by phone immediately.

Complete the fast application, get funded in a flash!